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Nankang has launched the all new winter tyre Winter Activa 4 SV-4, which is exclusively developed for European cold season. The new tyre will be available to the European market for debut from the third quarter.

Compared to the predecessor, SV-4 offers the more rounded performance in every category of features to deal with the current European winter weathers. By working with the professional European proving grounds, the Nankang engineers have elevated grip, acceleration and handling in wet-road conditions, to achieve B in EU label grades. When it comes to the snowy road, it outperforms the predecessor with a good improvement scale in braking, acceleration and objective handling, according to the test report.

The finer pitches and sipes of the new pattern represent the intention of building SV-4 as an all-around winter tyre. Proving the Winter Activa 4 is corresponding better to European winter conditions in particular, Nankang is confident that the new pattern SV-4 will meet our customers’ high expectations.

SV-4 tyre features

The purpose of Nankang is to provide the European drivers with the latest tire technologies ensure the safety in winter. The major targets of building SV-4 is to have the elevated grip on wet and snow, also have the improved wearing durability and fuel efficiency.

The SV-4 benefits from a new structure and new materials, exclusively developed by the Nankang new product simulation system. The profile design of the optimized tire's footprint (tread contact width) can improve rolling resistance and even wearing durability.

The directional V-shape tread pattern design, with main lateral grooves stretching curvedly from center to shoulder, enhances lateral drainage and snow grip. The broad sipes on center rib provides the powerful biting edges, becoming snow rake to expel ice and snow. The recessive design on circumferential groove wall enhances the water-film breaking ability to reduce aquaplaning, and snow expelling efficiency.

On tread shoulder, lateral grooves blocks increase snow biting edges to maximize wet and snow performance. The varied shape blocks and ladder-shape pattern areas broaden the contact area with ice/snow to strengthen snow-shoveling capability and reinforce snow traction. To maximize snow grip, 3D-sipe design is adopted with different depth depending on different block location. In total, compared to the SV-3, SV-4 improved in wet braking performance, and 8.5% better than SV-3 in Snow braking performance, according to the benchmark report done in Europe.

The new Winter Activa 4 SV-4 will be available for a wide range of cars from this winter. The SV-4 will initially be available in 20 sizes from 13 to 21 inches. A second phase with additional sizes will follow during 2022.

The brand new Continental WinterContact TS870P was the king of consistency, and is a mighty impressive tyre. In many ways you could argue it's the best tyre on test, as the lowest it placed across all fifteen categories I scored on was fifth in wet handling, but only 0.9 seconds off the best, and fifth in snow traction. Every other test was "green", meaning it was in the top group of tyres.

Interestingly, it didn't win a single test, but with a string of fourth, thirds and second places in every single category, you can't help but appreciate the engineering that has gone into this tyre. It essentially has no drawbacks, which is an engineering masterpiece!

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